Northwest Tiller

Till, Level, Roll – In one pass.
At Northwest Tiller they’ve been building rugged, versatile, high-quality tillers for many various applications for over fifty years! Their tillers feature cutting-edge technology & features that have been developed and field-tested to provide you with the best tiller possible.

It incorporates soil and shredded pruning’s, creating a clean, workable tilth. While using this worked tilth, level and float filling holes and firming the orchard floor IN ONE PASS. Clean up post-harvest trash from windrows while leveling orchard floor IN ONE PASS. While promoting tree health working & organic material back into soil. We can combat compaction and improve water penetration. No wash boarding on orchard floor. Made in U.S.A.

Northwest’s Orchard Floor Management Mulcher, incorporates your pruning’s with:

  • 2 to 4 inches of soil.
  • Removes the berm between your rows.
  • Allows nutrients to enrich tree growth and ensures less organic matter at harvest time.

Available from 7-feet to 12-feet in 1-foot increments, with an optional power roller that seals the floor creating a level surface with no porpoise of your floor allowing for faster harvesting and greater yields. Hand made here in the USA for your application, with multi-purpose uses with each unit.