Inventive Ag Verminator & Junior

Control Pocket Gophers! Quick, Super HD & Simple. Won’t fall apart after 1 year like others!

Inventive Ag manufactures the Verminator & Junior Gopher Machines.

How they work…

  1. This effective tool creates a poison-baited tunnel that intersects existing gopher tunnels.
  2. The Pocket Gopher enters the new, baited tunnel out of curiosity.
  3. In the quest for food, it consumes the bait and dies.
  4. Actual real-life studies (and owner feedback!!!) show control rates as high as 97%.

This Gopher Poisoning Machine is the MOST effective and economical way to eliminate Pocket Gophers.

Heavy Duty – Weight: Verminator-a solid approx. 650 lbs. & Junior – a solid approx. 350 lbs.
Innovative – Clear Bait Hopper Sight = know exactly when you need to reload. The 4 ft. tunnel-building tube creates a well-formed & clean tunnel.
Tough – Built and Designed HD with replaceable Abrasion-Resistant Wear Points
Smart – Spring-loaded coulter blade! Drive chain, bushings/greaseable moving parts = reduce wear. One-man depth adjust!
Proven – University & Rancher-tested & rated BEST designed bait metering system on the market.

Rear Hitch with Tire Scraper: keeps the tire clean, free from buildup
Drag Chain: works as drag harrow to knock down the ridge of dirt left behind after treatment
Weight Box: carry tractor weights for use in the toughest ground, or carry extra bait!

The Verminator:

  • The BEST choice for large acreage or toughest soil conditions!
  • Hard Chromed Tunnel Tube.
  • Replaceable Hardened HD Cast Wear Point (quick-change).
  • Sight Glass and Cleanout in Bait Hopper.
  • Clear Site Tube for monitoring bait dispensing.
  • 10 gallon Divided Bait Hopper.
  • HD Fabricated Frame.
  • Adjustable, steerable, spring-cushioned Coulter Assembly.
  • Fits CAT I & II Hitch.
  • Ez-stand Storage Legs.
  • Ballast-filled 15″ Rear Tire.
  • Tapered roller-bearing Hub.
  • Spring-loaded Chain Idler.
  • One-man Depth Adjustment.
  • Req. 35-200 HP Tractor.
  • 640 lbs. Shipping Weight.

The Junior:

  • The BEST choice for medium/small acreage with tough soil conditions!
  • Steel Tunnel Tube.
  • Replaceable Steel Wear Point (quick-change).
  • Sight Glass doubles as Cleanout.
  • 5 gallons Bait Hopper.
  • Adjustable, steerable Coulter Assembly.
  • Fits CAT I & II Hitch.
  • Ez-stand Storage Legs.
  • 8″ Rear Tire.
  • Breakaway Shear-pin Protected.
  • Req: 30-60 HP Tractor.
  • 350 lbs. Shipping Weight.