Lectro Blast Sprayers

LectroBlast® Sprayers can operate at low volume electrostatic, all the way up to 50 gallons per minute, dilute. ONE SPRAYER THAT CAN DO IT ALL! As chemical labels change, we can fit the need. Our sprayers are designed for orchards, vineyards, groves and nurseries. When it comes to sprayers….Simply Better Coverage.

LectroBlast® Electrostatic Sprayers deliver better Coverage

  • Improved canopy penetration
  • Increased under-leaf coverage
  • Reduced spray drift and waste of costly chemicals
  • Better coverage is only part of the story
  • Cover more ground in less time
  • Fewer fill-ups
  • Easy calibration
  • Low maintenance
  • Dilute capability
  • Reduce expensive fuel costs
  • Reduce worker exposure to hazardous materials